Aircraft Carrier Arresting Gear Components

The 8 diagonal olive drab strips at the rear 1/3 of the deck on the top ship and 6 on the lower are our parts. These are renewable wear surfaces that protect arresting gear components from wear and failure. (Failure would be catastrophic, usually resulting in the loss of an aircraft.) The #Navy found a flaw in the decades-old design and sought input from qualified suppliers. Kastalon’s design team went to work and offered a design and prototypes. The prototypes were field tested and found to be the most effective, highest reliability submission. #Kastalon’s parts are now the standard for this application. This is an example of the innovation and expertise we bring to every customer’s business. We understand the challenges and demands of our customer’s processes and are expert at making parts with the best mechanical properties and the best chemistry for their optimum performance. Quality, experience and service supporting your success. Ask the #Navy! #NavyContractor

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