PolySkate® solid polyurethane skate wheels are furnished with an integral plastic bearing and mounting hardware.

PolySkate® skate wheels are non-marking, heavy-duty elastomer wheels suitable for all general skate wheel applications including gravity flow, pallet flow and carton flow conveying systems.

Lightweight with a heavy load rating, PolySkates are available in a variety of materials and hardness. Softer wheels have the greatest friction and conform ability. Harder wheels reduce rolling resistance and can be used as brake rollers for heavier loads.

PolySkate wheels come complete with an integral plastic bearing and mounting hardware.

Stocked in 85 Shore A Orange Polyurethane
Special sizes, materials, colors and hardness can be supplied as a special order.

Kastalon's PolySkate® material handling products are smooth, high friction polyurethane covers which share these advantages:

  • Will not mark, mar or scratch finished, sensitive, or coated products and materials
  • Absorb impact and shock
  • Reduce system noise by as much as 10 decibels
  • Increase traction (up to 15 times greater grip than uncoated rollers)
  • Allow conveying up steeper inclines at higher line speeds
  • Maintain full load rating of rollers or wheels
  • Extraordinary cut and abrasion resistance ensure long system and component lift
  • Large inventories ensure short lead times