Creating yet another material handling enhancement

Kastalon’s Kwik-Taper® conveyor roller sleeves convert a standard straight roller to a taper with the urethanes added benefits of shock absorption, cut-resistance and greater friction. Reducing inventory requirements and long lead times for metal tapered rollers.
  • Available in durable solid polyurethane for higher load capacity and Kast-A-Lite® microcellular polyurethane for lightweight conveying.
  • Maintains product orientation at higher speeds
  • Can be adapted to drive & gravity rollers
  • Approved for USPS postal automation systems
  • Can be machined for precision concentricity and TIR
  • Custom manufactured to your color, size, and specific requirements
Kastalon Kwik-Taper® material handling products are smooth, high friction polyurethane covers which share these advantages:
  • Will not mark, mar or scratch finished, sensitive, or coated products and materials.
  • Absorb impact and shock.
  • Reduce system noise by as much as 10 decibels.
  • Increase traction (up to 15 times greater grip than uncoated rollers).
  • Allow conveying up steeper inclines at higher line speeds.
  • Maintain full load rating of rollers or wheels.
  • Extraordinary cut and abrasion resistance ensure long system and component lift.
  • Large inventories ensure short lead times.