Installation Instructions

Kastalon Kwik-Taper® polyurethane tapered roller sleeves convert standard 1.9† and 2.5† dia. conveyor rollers into high-traction
high-performance tapered rollers. Kwik-Taper® sleeves rely on their high coefficient of friction and a stretch (interference) fit to stay in place.


  1. Heat the Kwik-Taper® sleeve in a hot air oven at 220°F for 20-30 minutes to expand and soften the material.
  2. Apply K-Lube® to the roller and the inside of the Kwik-Taper® sleeve by brush or spray. You will have 3 to 6 minutes
    for assembly before the K-Lube dries.
  3. Insert the proper Kastalon assembly nozzle into the large end of the Kwik-Taper® sleeve.
  4. Fit the narrow end of the Kwik-Taper® sleeve onto the roller and slide on while blowing in air.
  5. After the Kwik-Taper® sleeve is blown into place, set the roller aside and allow to cool and let the K-Lube dry.

The Kwik-Taper® covering is now semi-permanently installed, yielding a durable, cut and abrasion resistant covering. Should the
Kwik-Taper® wear, the roller can be salvaged by cutting the old material off and installing a new Kwik-Taper® sleeve.


Occasionally, high torque or thrust loads may cause the sleeve to shift its position on the roller. In these incidents, the installation of a True-Tite® retainer or bonding of the sleeve to the roller may be required to ensure that it will remain in place. True-Tite® retainers are zinc plated for corrosion protection and appearance. True-Tite® retainers are packaged in bags of 10.


  1. Install the Kwik-Taper® sleeve on the roller.
  2. Slip the True-Tite® retainer onto the roller body, butting the retainer flange against the large end of the Kwik-Taper® sleeve.
  3. Tack weld the True-Tite® retainer to the roller. Caution: Although unlikely to occur, overheating may cause the sleeve to burn.
  4. Instead of welding, the True-Tite® retainer can also be glued, using epoxy or gel-type superglue. For proper adhesion, be sure
    to follow all of the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations when gluing

If bonding of the Kwik-Taper® sleeve directly to the roller body is required, assemble the Kwik-Taper® sleeve to the roller using the
standard Kwik-Taper® installation procedures, but replace the K-Lube in step 2 with Kastalon 3580 Bond. For the maximum bond strength,
we recommend having the installation performed by Kastalon technicians at our factory. The equipment and techniques required can be
difficult to perform in the field. Kastalon’s state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled technicians can install and bond any quantity of
rollers quickly and efficiently.