Kastalon’s Fork-Kushions® offer a resilient yet durable solution by equipping a forklift truck with specially engineered polyurethane bumpers that are mounted to the upright of the fork.

Fork-Kushions for forklift protectionThese highly engineered bumpers provide cushioning protection from marring, denting and other forms of damage. The unique structure offers excellent wear properties and vibration deadening without compromising the load capacity.

There are 5 unique styles to choose from satisfying virtually every material handling application.

  • "Ultra Soft" offers dense cushioning for fragile handling
  • "Soft" is best suited for lightweight material
  • "Medium" is considered all-purpose
  • "Cut-Resistant" style for transporting sharp objects
  • "Maximum-Impact" style for extremely heavy objects, such as steel coils

Fork-Kushions® are mounted directly to the face of the fork utilizing a specifically designed permanent mounting bracket. The bracket is equipped with a high performance quick adhesion system providing easy installation and maximum bond strength. By eliminating the need to weld or rivet the brackets, there is no compromise to the OSHA regulated strength ratings of the forks. The brackets will not move or shift and will withstand constant use and force.

To best determine which bumper corresponds to your load requirements, contact Kastalon customer relations and discuss the specifics of your environment.

The secret of the success to this product is in the proper installation of the brackets. It is important to follow the detailed instructions provided with the brackets.

Kastalon Fork-Kushions®
KPF-3310 3" 2-3/8" Black Ultra-Soft
KPF-3410 4"
KPF-3510 5"
KPF-3610 6"
KPF-3810 8"
KPF-3320 3" 2-3/8" Red Soft
KPF-3420 4"
KPF-3520 5"
KPF-3620 6"
KPF-3820 8"
KPF-3340 3" 2-3/8" Yellow Medium
KPF-3440 4"
KPF-3540 5"
KPF-3640 6"
KPF-3840 8"
KPFN-5305 3" 1-1/2" White with Red Facing Soft Cut-Resistant
KPFN-5405 4"
KPFN-5505 5"
KPFN-5605 6"
KPFN-5805 8"
KPFN-5347 3" 1-1/2" White with Red Facing Medium Cut-Resistant
KPFN-5447 4"
KPFN-5547 5"
KPFN-5647 6"
KPFN-5847 8"
KP-5347 3" 1-1/2" Yellow Maximum Impact
Resistance For
Severe Industrial
KP-5447 4"
KP-5547 5"
KP-5647 6"
KP-5847 8"
KP-9647 6" 2"
KP-9847 8"

All Fork-Kushions® are sold in sets of 2 and are made to a standard length of 24 inches.

Kastalon Fork-Kushions® Mounting Brackets
KP-3.00-BKT 3" Black Powder Coated Steel Channel Complete With Peel And Stick
Adhesion System
KP-4.00-BKT 4"
KP-5.00-BKT 5"
KP-6.00-BKT 6"
KP-8.00-BKT 8"

All Fork-Kushions® Mounting Brackets are sold in sets of 2 and are made to a standard length of 24 inches.