Installation Instructions (bonded)

When installing Vinyl-Koat® on a drive roller, we recommend using Kastalon 3580 2-part epoxy bond in place of K-Lube®. Be sure to follow these additional instructions to ensure good bond strength.

Bonding Instructions:

  1. Use a solvent to clean and prepare the roller surface to be bonded. Use a wire brush or steel wool to remove all loose material and metal oxides. Sandblasting of metals is recommended for optimum results.
  2. Mix equal parts by volume of "A" and "B". Mix completely to ensure the proper chemistry reaction takes place. You will have approximately 45 minutes to work with the mixture when working in a 70 degree environment.
  3. NOTE: At higher temperatures, the mixed material will become unworkable in a shorter period of time. Be cautious not to mix larger amounts of epoxy than needed.
  4. Apply a thin film to the roller surface.
  5. Using the installation nozzle connected to a compressed air source; place the Vinyl-Koat® over the end of the roller and slide on while blowing in air. Short rollers (less than 12" long) may often be assembled by hand without using compressed air.
  6. Cure bonded parts at room temperature for 12 hours. If heat is available, bond may be heat cured at an accelerated rate according to the table shown below:
    Temperature Length of Cure
    150°F 60 min
    200°F 30 min
    300°F 10 min
    400°F 3-5 min
  7. Until bond is completely cured, avoid handling the part so that sleeve does not shift or move.

Installation Instructions (non-bonded)

  1. Before starting, make sure that sufficient K-Lube lubricant is available.
  2. Cut the roller sleeve one to two inches longer than the finished covering length to allow for the Installation Nozzle
  3. Connect the proper sized nozzle to the available compressed air hose. Air pressure should be in the range of 100-125 psi.
  4. Heat the pre-cut roller sleeves in a low-grade oven (no greater than 220°F) for 5-10 minutes to soften the material and make it more pliable. If an oven is not available, this step may be skipped, though the ease of assembly will be comprised.
  5. Remove one Vinyl-Koat® sleeve from the heat source at a time; insert the assembly nozzle into one end of the Vinyl-Koat® and secure it with a hose clamp.
  6. Lubricate the full length of the roller core with K-Lube by brush or spray. The K-Lube will dry within 3 to 6 minutes; the Vinyl-Koat® sleeve should be blown on before the K-Lube dries.
  7. Place the Vinyl-Koat® over the end of the roller and slide it on while blowing in air. Short rollers (less than 12” long) may often be assembled by hand without using compressed air.
  8. Once the Vinyl-Koat® is blown into place, allow the material to cool and the K-Lube to dry before trimming.
  9. Use a utility knife to trim away excess material. Lubricating the knife blade with K-Lube will allow for a smoother cut. The Vinyl-Koat® covering is now semi-permanently installed, yielding a durable, cut and abrasion resistant covering. Should the Vinyl-Koat® wear, the roller can be salvaged by cutting the old material off and installing new Vinyl-Koat®.