When uncoiling or recoiling several coils requiring the same ID, the most effective method of adjusting an existing slitting line mandrel is with quick-change Kastalon Polyurethane® Filler Plates.

Kastalon specializes in designing segments to precisely match the hole pattern and leaf pattern of the mandrel. The segments are bolted into position, giving the same expansion range as the base drum. This provides the flexibility of handling 28-in to 32-in ID coils on a 20-in to 24-in drum and do not have to be adjusted during coil change-outs.

For an even greater reduction in maintenance time, Kastalon has designed "Lifting Rings" for loading the segments on and off the mandrels.

Kastalon Polyurethane Filler Plates are an essential component for any coil processor. Check out our satisfied customers' success stories.

Highly engineered non-marring Kastalon Polyurethane segments are significantly lighter than their steel counterparts and have been engineered to give superior durability and wear resistance.