Physical and Mechanical Properties

Vinyl-Koat® 60 Shore A
Hardness D2240 60 Shore A +/-3
Specific Gravity D792 1.3
Tensile Strength D638 1990 psi
100% Modulus D638 1165 psi
Elongation at Break D638 283 psi
Tear Strength D1004 220 ppi
Torsion Modulus D1043 -38°C
Brittleness Temperature D412 -38°C

Vinyl-Koat® 90 Shore A
Specific Gravity D792 1.39
Tensile Strength D638 3090 psi
100% Modulus D638 218 psi
Elongation at Break D638 292 psi
Tear Strength D1004 551 ppi
135K Torsion Modulus D1043 -9.0°C
Soapy H2O Ext. @ 50.0°C % Wt. Loss D1239 0.70%
Hexane Extraction, % Wt. Loss D1239 2.30%
Brittle Temperature D746 -9°C
Activated Carbon @ 90°C, % Wt. Loss D1203 3.20%

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