Kastalon pioneered the Koat-A-Roll® "orange sleeve" for conveyor rollers to enhance the conveyors performance over 40 years ago, but today, has expanded the line to include several hardnesses, colors and unique blends such as FDA compliant and Conductive Dissipative.

No other elastomeric material can offer the exceptional wear properties, superior performance and versatility of cast polyurethane. The benefits are endless…

  • Non-marking, non-marring
  • Exceptional impact, abrasion, cut and tear resistance
  • Superb resilience with excellent elastomeric memory
  • Greater load-bearing capabilities; low compression set
  • Impervious to most oils and solvents
  • Outstanding ozone, oxidation and radiation resistance
  • Noise and shock absorbing

Independent studies have established a 6-decibel reduction in overall noise levels as a result of covering conveyor rollers with Koat-A-Roll®. They absorb impact, shock, and vibrations that accompany normal conveyor use and have proven to reduce overall conveyor maintenance.