Koat-A-Roll Lubricant

K-Lube® Assembly Lubricant

K-Lube® is a specially formulated liquid that lubricates polyurethane and vinyl so it is easy to install or otherwise manipulate. The lubricity it provides is unsurpassed by other commercial products or home-grown solutions. It contains no silicones, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

The best part is that K-Lube®’s lubricity is only temporary. While it is wet, you can easily slip the Koat-A-Roll® onto the roller. Once it dries, it disappears and leaves no residue behind.

This safe and economical assembly aid is non-flammable, cleans up with soap and water and is available in sizes from quarts to 5-gallon carboys.

A special application for K-Lube®:
To make your assembly even more efficient, apply K-Lube® to your utility knife prior to cutting. K-Lube® will lubricate the blade allowing for straighter, more precise cutting with less effort.

Safety Data Sheets

K-Lube® (pdf)

3580 Bond Adhesive

When installing Koat-A-Roll® to a powered roller or a roller that will be subjected to significant weight or force, we strongly recommend that the sleeve is bonded to the roller using our specially engineered 2-part epoxy bond. Translucent amber in appearance, 3580 Bond has a 60-minute gel time.

Features high shear strength with high impact, excellent chemical and water resistance. It has a service temperature range from 100°F to 200°F with blending ratios by volume from 1/1 (flexible) to 2/1 (rigid). Easy product to mix by hand or meter/mix by equipment.

Safety Data Sheets
3580 Bond Part A (pdf)
3580 Bond Part B (pdf)

Koat-A-Roll Nozzles

Installation nozzles

Uniquely engineered Kastalon assembly nozzles make installation a breeze by providing a compressed air fitting for the specific size Koat-A-Roll® conveyor roller sleeve you are using.

The air provides expansion to the sleeve, allowing it to slide onto the roller with less resistance.

A universal handle can be fitted with size specific nozzles.

Installation Video