Unique sleeves designed to fit your exact mandrel requirements.

Made from specifically compounded wear and cut-resistant single or dual durometer Kastalon Polyurethane®, these unique sleeves are designed to fit your exact mandrel requirements. Kastalon sleeves increase the diameter of your mandrel for larger coils and increase the coefficient of friction.

The quick and simple installation reduces downtime to a minimum.  Kastalon Mandrel Sleeves (a.k.a. reel tubes) effectively prevent reel breaks and have allowed up to 13 times longer runs between mandrel rebuilds at a dramatic reduction in operating costs. Kastalon Polyurethane® Mandrel Sleeves have been designed through science, and verified by more than 45 years of field experience, specifically to withstand the rigors of this use. The success of Kastalon's material has been proven time and again to be far superior to every other material.


Kastalon also manufactures sleeves with slots to accommodate tail grippers, filler rings and "hard plastic" bolt on filler plates. We can make a sleeve to your print specifications or we can size the sleeve for you.

Dual-Durometer Expanding Mandrel Sleeve with a Tough Cut-Resistant outer layer & an elastic, easy-to-stretch inner layer.