What sets Kastalon apart from other urethane wheel manufacturers is our area of expertise in engineering and manufacturing custom cast wheels for specific and demanding applications.

Complimenting the tremendous physical and mechanical properties of our proprietary polyurethane compounds, Kastalon provides for a superior bond to the wheel’s hub. By casting the covering directly to the core, the most extreme force and weight will not tear away the polyurethane. In addition, a variety of precision machine finishes can be applied to the polyurethane covering to add traction and correct concentricity.

From 1" diameter to 72" diameter wheels can be produced in a full spectrum of hardnesses and colors to meet the needs of the specific application.

Remolds and recovers
Our high-load capacity tires remolded onto your hubs are made of superior performance tread materials, offering an alternative to purchasing new tires and wheels.

Our remold wheels, new wheels, and press-on tires can be used for forklift trucks, amusement park rides, industrial equipment, and many demanding high-tech applications.

They are tough and durable. Constructed from the best materials with state-of-the-art production technology, Kastalon remolded wheels and tires are economical and offer superior performance.