Paper presses that rely on jaw members to convey the paper between processing stations, rely on polyurethane covered clapper jaws and wheels.

Clapper Jaws
Kastalon Clapper Jaws for printing pressesKastalon's Polyurethane® Clapper Jaws provide the non-marring traction required to keep the paper moving at precisely spaced distances. The unique design results in fewer drops, allowing higher line speed and reduced downtime.

Kastalon Polyurethane® Clapper Jaws have been field proven to outlast and outperform other replacement parts and original equipment parts with more than 5 times the life cycle.

Available in standard sizes for Heidelberg/Harris and Hamilton Tool feeders and cutters. Kastalon also offers custom designs for all forms of paper converting machines in the marketplace. For more information on custom configurations, contact Kastalon's design and engineering staff.

Gripper Wheels
Kastalon Gripper Wheels for printing presses
Paper folding machines utilize polyurethane rollers and wheels to advance the paper forms through the machine at precise speeds. Kastalon Polyurethane Gripper Wheels are manufactured with a custom blended polyurethane that dramatically improves the effectiveness of the machine and provides a much longer life than other wheels or rolls.

Kastalon Polyurethane® Gripper Wheels and Clapper Jaws will outlast and outperform any others including original equipment parts by more than 5 times the life cycle.